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The Importance of File Management

File management is an important topic for any office environment and was touched upon recently in our article discussing 8 Tips to Office Management. As this is something which is imperative to an effective office, it is important to broach the subject of electronic and paper files […]

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Find and Replace Text

Microsoft Word

Have you ever written a report and afterward realised that you have mis-spelt a word throughout the document? As an example, you could have typed their instead of there. I know I have… and if you have, no fear… you do not have to manually go through […]

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The Importance of Formatting and Structuring

The Importance of Formatting and Structure

The formatting of a document is important regardless of the type of industry you are in but many people are still unaware of the simple basics. If you have had a formal education you may be more mindful of the standards that your university or particular industry […]

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Another Six Blogging Tips

Business Blogging Tips

In our last post we discussed shared six blogging tips to get you started and maintaining motivation to write is one of the hardest aspects about blogging.  Here are another six tips which you can utilise to help make regular blog writing easier which will ultimately assist your […]

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8 Tips to Office Organisation

8 tips to office organisation

Whether you work from a home based office or a workplace environment, having systems in place is a must in order for you to function more effectively. Below are eight tips to assist you on the path to organisation but this list is by no means exhaustive. […]

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How Often Should I Back Up My Computer?

Computer Backups Are Important

How and how often should I back up my computer? This is a great question, and one that has a few different answers. I wonder if we all stopped to think what would happen if our hard drives died, I wonder how many of us could honestly […]

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Freshbooks Overview

General Overview of Freshbooks

This general overview of Freshbooks is my own personal opinion and I was in no way paid to write this blog post, nor does the article consist of affiliate links. This review is made in June 2013. Before becoming a limited company I used Freshbooks to send […]

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Word of the Year – Thrive

Word of the Year, Thrive

In 2010 I began a tradition of choosing one word for myself – a word that, for the year, I could focus on, meditate on and reflect upon as I went about my daily life. {This is the first time I’ve sharing my tradition} Last year I […]

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Motivation To Blog

Motivation to Blog

During my last post, A Return To Blogging, we discussed in brief the advantages of blogging and how the issue of not consistently posting on your blog can have a negative effect on your business.  To maintain a quality blog – regardless of how good a writer […]

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An eBook Makeover for The Spotty Napkin

An Example of the Work we Do

We are often asked to “spruce up” a document such as a training manual, proposal, a presentation and an eBook. This was the case for The Spotty Napkin. After creating their website, setting up their blog, it was time to give their outdated eBook a makeover. We […]

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